We serve the Annandale, Alexandria, and Falls Church communities in Virginia by providing opportunities to learn and play little league teeball and baseball for boys and girls ages 4-12.

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Mason District Little League 2017 Hit-a-Thon

Website Instructions for Pledge Event Fundraisers


Welcome!  We are so glad that you have chosen to participate in the 2017 MDLL Hit-a-thon event.  To assist you in your child’s/children’s’ efforts to gather donations, MDLL has partnered with DoJiggy, an online fundraising software company that specializes in websites for pledge drives.  Your child/children can receive their very own personal fundraising page.  This is your/their place where images and videos can be posted upload and discuss participation in the hit-a-thon as well as goals. 


The following instructions provide a complete guide, helping to get you all the way through the event, and after, with success.



Upon registering as an Individual, the site will be asked to create a unique username and password for the little leaguer. Go through and decide whether you want to purchase anything, fill out your Billing Contact info, and complete your “order”. 


This is to get your registration completed and ready to personalize your fundraising page within your Participant Control Panel (PCP). The PCP is accessed from the event registration website where you registered.




Clicking on “Personalize” to start your page.  Each personal fundraising page can be customized under the My Page section. The My Page tab includes a sub-menu for Settings, Statement, Pictures, Videos, and Donations.


Read more about the benefits of personalizing your fundraising efforts at the DoJiggy Facebook Fundraising Library (https://www.facebook.com/dojiggy/app_301925139822058).


Enter or edit the Personal Web Link. This is a combination of numbers and letters only and becomes part of the little leaguer’s unique web address (e.g. mdll.dojiggy.com/johnsmith). Friends and family will click on your unique web address to see your personal fundraising page and donate to your cause.


Enter the dollar amount you and your child/children wish to set as a personal Fundraising Goal.  Typical Fundraising goals are $100 for MDLL major players and $75 from players below majors.  The thermometer will rise as you reach this goal, so be sure to make a reasonable goal.


Enter the estimated number of feet your player is shooting to hit for.




Enter the text for a personal fundraising page statement here.  This is the plea for support, so make it compelling. We hope that this space provides an opportunity to share important information in a way that creates excitement about the hit-a-thon and goals.  Here is an example:  “John has played in MDLL for 3 years.  The league has huge impact on him and many players like him.  A donation in any amount is deeply appreciated and will help the MDLL continue to help kids in and around Mason District”



Pictures and videos can be uploaded to appear on the personal and team pages. Images will be resized to 415x300. All standard image formats are supported.

After saving changes, click on View your personal webpage to review.



Any combination of four pictures and videos can appear on the personal and team websites.   All video uploads must first be posted to YouTube. Then provide the YouTube Video ID for the video here. The video ID is the 11 character unique identifier for the video. If your video URL is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jebJ9itYTJE, then the video ID is jebJ9itYTJE.

After saving changes, click on View your personal webpage to review.



The Donation Report is designed for you and your child/children to review donations and enter donations or pledges that received off-line.   Parents and players can ask friends at work or school and enter their pledges here. Entering pledges on this page causes the personal fundraising thermometer to rise and reflect how close the little leaguer is in meeting the overall fundraising goal. Click on Enter personal donations to be taken to the personal fundraising website where you can enter donations in administrative mode.

Select a donation from the Donation Report and there will be an ability to send an email thank you to the donor. While the system will send an auto-generated thank you to each donor, it is always nice to receive a more personalized reply. To send a personalized thank you note to a donor or group of donors, check the donor and click on the ‘Email Thanks’ button. 


Thank You Message

This is the area where you or your child/children can customize the system’s thank you message to your donors. Enter the content you want to include in donors' receipts and hit Save.



Email Friends

This section is where players can write and send a personalized email message to friends, family and co-workers telling them about the hit-a-thon. Your heartfelt appeal in asking them to make a pledge can have a real impact in meeting the fundraising goal.

By clicking on Import from my address book, there is an option to import address books from your Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Plaxo, or Outlook account. Alternately, enter the email addresses for those that you wish to send the player’s website.  Enter one email address per line, using this method.


Enter the Subject and customize the message in the next two fields and hit Send.



Update Profile

In this area you can easily change the profile or contact information, including your mailing address, Email address  and phone numbers. You may also update the account username and password here. Click on Save when you’re finished updating the information.



At the time of registration, certain questions were presented. Here you can review and modify your answers as needed. Common questions include product choices, newsletter preferences, and any special requests.


Each personal fundraising page includes social media sharing tools in the footer. You can share the player’s personal fundraising page or other website pages with friends and family using your favorite social media tools (e.g. facebook), as outlined here.


In addition, four fundraising widgets are available. To add a personalized fundraising widget to any website or blog on the internet, just copy and paste the sample HTML code provided into your web page editor.



Team representatives will have the ability to configure a team fundraising page and manage team donations from their Participant Control Panel.  Only team representatives (and not team members) will see a tab for Team Page. This is where the team fundraising page is configured. This team fundraising page includes team pictures or videos, a team mission statement, and thermometer which are different from the personal settings.


From the Email tab, there is a submenu for Team. Here representatives can email potential donors on behalf of the team. These functions work in the same way as described above for personal settings.



Good luck with your fundraising efforts!  See our Fundraising Library on Facebook and work with your team captain and/or MDLL administrator directly with any questions. Please note that DoJiggy works with MDLL and does not support fundraisers directly.