We serve the Annandale, Alexandria, and Falls Church communities in Virginia by providing opportunities to learn and play little league teeball and baseball for boys and girls ages 4-12.

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Frequently Asked Questions about MDLL Hit-A-Thon


When does my team particiapte?

Check out the detailed schedulePlease plan to arrive 15-30 minutes before your team's start time and assemble in the dugout. 

How does the Hit-A-Thon work?

The Hit-A-Thon is like a walk-a-thon. Each player solicits sponsors who pledge to make a tax-deductible donation MDLL. The amount of the pledge can be based on the total distance each player attains. Each player gets ten hits, and we count the six longest hits. The distance of those six hits is totaled for the player’s score. Check out the detailed rules

Please let your manager/coach know that your player plans to participate and watch for info from your coach about getting organized at the park. Please plan to be at the designated field 15-30 minutes before your team’s designated start time. Please have your player in uniform. Managers and coaches will bring helmets and bats; you are welcome to use your own (USABat standard, just like our games) if you wish. 

We need 5 people from each team to help to keep things moving – and those volunteer slots are aligned to your team’s hit a thon slot. So, you can volunteer while you’re at the field with your player! 

What is our fundraising goal?

Our goal is to raise $18,000, working together across the league. The more players who participate, the better for MDLL and the more fun we all have! The teams who win the group prizes usually have every single player participating.

Should I provide a flat donation or a pledge?

Many sponsors find it easiest to provide a flat donation of $5, $10, $20 or any amount.

Other sponsors will pledge a certain amount per foot, usually between $.03 - $.05. T-Ball players usually hit 400-600 feet. Major leaguers hit 800-1500 feet. Much of the excitement of our contest centers on the unknown factor of how far a player will hit—and consequently how much they will raise.

How can people pay?

To make collecting payments as easy as possible, MDLL partners with Do Jiggy to provide a website for secure payments.  This limits the time you would need to go back and collect funds from supporters.  If someone prefers to send a check, payment can be made out to “MDLL” or “Mason District Little League.”

How do I get the word out to raise more money easily?

Share your child's pledge page! Find your player in the list and start sharing! You can edit it or leave it as it is, and send the link in email or post it on Facebook

When does fundraising close? 

Fundraising for the 2010 Hit-a-Thon will close on June 8, 2019. 

Can my player hit if we haven't raised funds? 

Yes, of course. We want all of our players to join in the fun. Ever dollar helps, though, so we hope you'll think about who might be able to support your player in this way. If you are one of the t ball teams with a hit-a-thon scheduled for an earlier date, you can fundraise after your event too. 


How are the funds used? 

The registration fees alone do not cover everything necessary or everything we dream of for our teams’ experiences here. With this fundraiser, we can do more. MDLL’s biggest operating costs are the fields and equipment. Did you know that each permit with the County has an associated fee? And the more we need and the more we use, the more we need to be able to afford. Field maintenance is crucial. We are glad to partner with the County but during the season, field upkeep and any supplies needed for field upkeep are MDLL’s responsibility. Each year, the league also purchases equipment that gets worn out, or equipment to meet growing needs for quantities, or to meet new safety standards. Support during the 2018 Hit-a-Thon prepared us for the big increase in player sign-ups this spring! And, we’d like to be able to do more to ease the burden on families.